Living Mind Interviews

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I talked to Martin Gillespie from Wellness Warriors about men’s health. Martin talks about finding a holistic voice for men in today’s world.  Looking at making men more empathetic, more resilient and more open, especially in communications with themselves and loved ones. You can get in touch with Martin here

Great conversation with Delia McCabe, a nutritional neuroscientist. Delia has a background in psychology and received her PhD from Adelaide Medical School. Delia’s current research focus is on the neurobiology of stress and nutrition. Delia and I talk about vegan diets and the psychology of dieting and sticking to it! If you are wondering why new habits are hard to keep watch this episode. Special offer on Delia’s books here

I talked to Sunday Lucia from SunCentre Ayurveda. I leaned about how the science of Ayurveda is connected to the cycles of nature and the dosha’s- Pitta Vata Kapha. If you would like to learn more or have a treatment contact Sunday @

Great chat with Jennifer Stepanik from Self Image Styling. Jen has worked in the beauty industry a long time and has developed a course and writing a book about finding your inner value and expressing it through make up and clothes.